Jimmy Rosen, from Old Sled Works and Jeff Moorhead from Rocketland Coin-op have joined forces to become The Pennsylvania Pickers™.

They each bring a particular set of skills perfectly suited for this new venture. Together they travel throughout central PA, scouring the countryside for hidden and not-so-hidden treasures. They have to contend with structurally questionable buildings, dilapidated trailers, snakes, poison ivy and a host of other obstacles.

Most would steer clear. Not the Pennsylvania Pickers™.

From old jukeboxes and other vintage coin-operating machines, to porcelain signs, amusement park items and Coca Cola collectibles. These are just some of the cool things they look for and buy on their journeys and then offer for sale to a host of eager clients.

If it's out there, they will find it. And they will pick it. That we promise you.


Find and join them on the facebook site they share with Old Sled Works.




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